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FactoryLogix Conceptual Overview

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of software modules and devices that bring speed, control, and visibility to your manufacturing operations, ultimately saving time, reducing cost and risk, and resulting in increased business opportunity.

With vast out-of-the-box capability and minimal customization, this short video explains how Aegis Software differs from the traditional approach to MES. Watch a brief overview of the NPI, Logistics, Production, and Analytics modules within the FactoryLogix suite

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  • Introduction to Logistics

    Introduction to Logistics

    This video introduces the new user to FactoryLogix Logistics

  • Stock Locations

    Stock Locations

    This video details adding new Stock Locations for use in FactoryLogix Logistics

  • Vendor Library

    Vendor Library

    This video guides users on the creation of new Vendors in FactoryLogix

  • Purchase Orders

    Purchase Orders

    This video details the Purchase Order functionality in FactoryLogix

  • UID Format

    UID Format

    This video demonstrates the UID Format function in FactoryLogix

  • Printed Label Templates

    Printed Label Templates

    This video guides users in setting up templates for printing barcode labels in FactoryLogix

  • Barcode Templates (R3)

    Barcode Templates (R3)

    This video details the configuration of Barcode Templates in FactoryLogix

  • Vendor Labels

    Vendor Labels

    This video guides the setup of Vendor Labels for the purpose of receiving new materials into FactoryLogix

  • Units of Measure

    Units of Measure

    This video explains the Units of Measure and Part Attributes features in FactoryLogix

  • Sampling Plans

    Sampling Plans

    This video details the steps necessary to create and understand Sampling Plans in FactoryLogix

  • Receiving Processes

    Receiving Processes

    This video details the creation of Materials Receiving Processes in FactoryLogix

  • GRN Creation and Execution

    GRN Creation and Execution

    This video demonstrates the creation and execution of a GRN in FactoryLogix

  • Production Planning and Scheduling

    Production Planning and Scheduling

    This video demonstrates the Production Planning and Scheduling functions in FactoryLogix

  • Material Kitting and Dispatch

    Material Kitting and Dispatch

    This video demonstrates how materials are kitted and dispatched to the factory floor for use in production

  • Part Reordering

    Part Reordering

    This video demonstrates the Material Requisition function to request parts for in-process batches