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Schedule a One-On-One and See the Power of the Smart Factory Platform at APEX 2018

Come and visit us at Booth #3333 to see and discuss Aegis’ approach to Industry 4.0 through the leadership of key modern technologies, and check out the latest FactoryLogix advances:

  • Get a demonstration of our newly expanded Quality Management Capabilities:
    • Administrative Quality Assurance Capabilities for Continuous Process Improvement
      • Material Review Board (MRB) Management
      • Dynamic Non-Conformance Lifecycle Management & Reporting
      • Corrective Action / Preventive Action Management (CAPA)
      • Failure Analysis (FRACAS)
  • See the LIVE IPC Connected Factory (CFX) Initiative in action
    • ​Experience, First-Hand The World's First Truly Digital, Non-Proprietary, 100% Open IoT Standard
      • No Software to Install - What this means?
        • Robust Scalability with Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure  
        • Instant Accessibility
      • No Middleware - What this means?
        • Reduce Integration Costs
      • Non-Proprietary  - What this means?
        • Open Source & Non-Proprietary - Everyone is Speaking the Same Language
        • Plug & Play - Grow an Ecosystem of Interoperability: Focus on Your Business not Integrations
      • Secure & Reliable - What this means?
        • Messaging Protocol Used in Banking/Finance Industry
        • Remove Technical Barriers to Globalization
      • Open Source - What this means? 
        • Zero Cost - Free to Use
        • No Need to Buy Hardware
  • Spend some time exploring some of the key capabilities recently introduced with FactoryLogix 2017.1 
    • Process Engineering Enhancement (Site-to-Site Portability)
    • Hybrid Tracking (Non-Serialized Production Units Transition to Serialized Units)
    • Engineer-To-Order (On-Demand Routing & Rework)
    • Enhanced Hierarchical Production Planning (Batch-to-Batch Dependencies)
    • Productivity Enhancements (Voice Control, Barcode & Keyboard Shortcuts, and other workflow improvements)
    • And many more customer-driven features throughout FactoryLogix

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