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Customer Spotlight

Put the Aegis Marketing Department to Work for Your Company

Put the Aegis Marketing Department to Work for Your Company

New program to build publicity for Aegis customers easily, quickly, and 100% free. For more information, download the Step-by-Step Guide. Request participation by completing the form below.

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Introducing the Aegis Customer Spotlight

At no cost to you, leverage the resources of the Aegis Marketing Department to inform your customers and prospects of your industry-leading capabilities. We have 15 years of industry experience writing 30+ articles and case studies and over 100 press releases. Our team includes a dedicated publicist that has relationships with virtually every electronics manufacturing industry editor and publication.

How it works:

We have a simple, step-by-step process of working with you to gathering the key information necessary and developing a professional press release and/or a mini-case study.

What you get:

  • Professionally crafted Press Release
  • Beautifully designed and written Case Study sheet
  • Distribution to industry publications and outlets
  • Digital copies for your own marketing uses

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