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Traceability: A Benefit Not a Burden

Achieving deep traceability is both a goal and a challenge for many manufacturers, often times driven by your customers’ own traceability and compliance requirements. 

There are two routes to consider: 
1.    Look at the trace solution as a stop-gap measure for today and address your customers case-by-case requirements
2.    Implement a total big data solution that acts as insurance against any compliance or data requirements that may come. 

One solution is future proof, while the other is not. 

In this white paper, Jason Spera, Aegis Software CEO, turns the traceability debate on its head by suggesting the use of “big data” as a strategy to drive manufacturing excellence can yield complete traceability as a by-product, while benefiting the business through greater quality and efficiency.

The Four Key Benefits of the Big Data Approach to Traceability 
•    Continuous Process Improvement
•    Shifting from the Psychology of Cost and Burden to Cultural Adoption
•    Achieving a Future-Proof Solution 
•    Lower True Cost

Download the white paper to explore:
•    The evolution of traceability and the current reactive methods that are being used to apply it 
•    A future where effortless data collection acquires big data to produce the traceability required by any customer or regulatory authority.

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