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The Transparent Factory

References to “data” are everywhere in this era of Industry 4.0 – Big Data, Smart Data, Machine Data, Process Data, and Traceability Data to name a few. Most factories have data collection systems that, whether manual or automated, were designed to be effective at collection of data from each source. 

But easily synthesizing this data from multiple sets to create a single source of truth that can be interrogated to provide real-time analytics that translate to factory intelligence has proven elusive for many manufacturers. Creating detailed reports for management often requires long hours of data collection and customization from the IT Department.

With the right MES solution that harvests plant data, complete factory visibility and real-time reporting is possible. FactoryLogix offers the most comprehensive suite of factory analytics, built directly into the solution. Importantly, the system provides drag-and-drop dashboard functionality that does not require any knowledge of SQL, scripting, or the database to use. 

Download the white paper to:
•    Examine the primary elements of information visibility and the different technical approaches towards achieving such visibility.
•    Learn how the interactive analytics portal can be used when a process problem breaks out on the shop floor, interrogating the information graphically to quickly traverse massive data sets to find the root of the problem quickly.
•    Learn how you can build real-time dashboards in as little time as it takes to design a PowerPoint overview; create any chart or report with drag and drop functionality, never having written a line of SQL or code; schedule reports to automatically arrive in your inbox anytime.
•    Find out how you can use the mobile device app FactoryLogix inSite on the shop floor when you need instant access to information.

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