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The Truly Paperless Shop Floor

Creating, distributing, and maintaining paper documents on the shop floor requires many hours of work from factory personnel. What’s more, reliance on a paper-based system comes with risks – the risk of building to an incorrect revision and the risk of misplacing critical documentation.

A paperless or digitized shop floor offers countless benefits and is a key first step towards a truly smart factory. The right MES solution will provide digitization of operator work instructions, shop-floor version control, and supporting documentation. By supporting line operators better, the result is improved yields, faster and more reliable job changes, version assurance, and increased operator efficiency.

At Aegis, we realize the true paperless shop floor means much more than displaying a PDF in front of an operator. FactoryLogix allows personnel to participate in the MES solution via the operator portal, beginning with paperless instructions.

Upon the scan of any production unit, operators can present the right version visual instructions in the right location with interactive visuals based on the actual CAD and BOM design from R&D, videos, and 3D rotatable CAD. This digital format guides operators through complicated compliance and multi-step authentications and verifications for highly-regulated environments. 

In this white paper, find out:

•    Key benefits of using an MES system as a corporate vault of all supporting shop floor documentation, including preventive maintenance manuals, user manuals, and standard practice instruction sheets.
•    How to eliminate all paper documentation from the floor, eliminate version control risk, and make audits a simple and failsafe affair.
•    Why manufacturers in highly-regulated industries have chosen FactoryLogix to manage the entire digital thread from design data, through revision control and work instructions and bill of materials to final dispatch, along with control of revisions and engineering changes.

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