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FactoryLogix Conceptual Overview

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of software modules and devices that bring speed, control, and visibility to your manufacturing operations, ultimately saving time, reducing cost and risk, and resulting in increased business opportunity.

With vast out-of-the-box capability and minimal customization, this short video explains how Aegis Software differs from the traditional approach to MES. Watch a brief overview of the NPI, Logistics, Production, and Analytics modules within the FactoryLogix suite

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  • inSite FLx

    inSite FLx

    Newly redesigned for FactoryLogix, inSite for iOS places real-time data into the hands of manufacturers

  • FactoryLogix Conceptual Overview

    FactoryLogix Conceptual Overview

    The concept of FactoryLogix - and an overview of its modules and features

  • Configuration Vs. Coding

    Configuration Vs. Coding

    When choosing the right MES solution for the Enterprise, one must take into account the amount of customization that may be required to make the system work as described.

  • New Product Introduction

    New Product Introduction

    Largely wizard-based and easily templated, FactoryLogix is a revolutionary leap in user-friendliness

  • Process Engineering

    Process Engineering

    Engineers define the process, not the physical route, permitting for total freedom to apply the assembly process across disparate assembly lines where station counts vary

  • Quality and Repair Guidance

    Quality and Repair Guidance

    In FactoryLogix, everything is tracked, traced, and controlled, delivering superior data input and analytical results thereafter

  • Traceability


    In FactoryLogix, traceability data contains much more than simple materials content records

  • Reporting


    Data analysis is quickly performed with several presentation options. Data may be analyzed in grouped grid form, pivot tables, interactive drill down charts, and formal reports

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