Manufacturing Excellence Digitized

Aegis’ FactoryLogix provides everything you need to achieve the speed, agility, visibility, and control required by today’s industrial landscape. Enhance your competitive advantage and accelerate digital transformation with a uniquely adaptive manufacturing platform.

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FactoryOptix: Augmented Reality Video

FactoryOptix is a unique technology that integrates human assembly operations directly into the automated Industry 4.0 environment, using Augmented Reality as a built-in extension to FactoryLogix paperless work-instructions.

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Unleash the Power of 3D CAD in FactoryLogix

FactoryLogix brings the actual 3D design of mechanical parts and assemblies directly to the operators, bridging both electronic and mechanical design in one thread to the shop floor. Accelerate assembly and inspection, enrich operator experience, reduce errors, and speed time to market—from the PCB to the final product, no matter what you are building!

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Dynamic, Interactive Visual Work Instructions

By adopting a true paperless environment, and not just displaying PDFs, videos and images, a factory can increase yields, quality and traceability while reducing costs and eliminating risks.

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FactoryLogix: Process Engineering

Engineers define the process, not the physical route, permitting for total freedom to apply the assembly process across disparate assembly lines where station counts vary and operations may be performed by a human or by machine.

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FactoryLogix: Analytics

Empowering manufacturing and operations personnel to perform data retrievals in a simple and straightforward manner. Enabling any user to retrieve, filter, sort, group, and even export the vast store of data within the Aegis system entirely graphically—no SQL, scripting, or IT knowledge necessary.

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FactoryLogix: Overview

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of software modules and devices that bring speed, control, and visibility to your manufacturing operations, ultimately saving time, reducing cost and risk, and resulting in increased business opportunity.

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FactoryLogix: Configuration vs. Coding

FactoryLogix offers a new and refreshing approach where the system administrators simply configure most every aspect of the user experience through graphical interfaces and wizards.

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FactoryLogix: Traceability

Reduce In-Process Costs - Eliminate Recalls - Meet Regulatory Requirements.

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