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Customer Spotlight

Aegis Software at work.

Explore how Aegis has helped organizations around the world digitize their manufacturing operations for business transformation.

Case Study: Connor Solutions

As the demand for Operational Excellence in the Medical and Avionics sectors of electronics manufacturing increases, Connor Solutions have stepped up their game to adopt “Best In Class” digital manufacturing practices. The implementation of Aegis’ FactoryLogix Software, has enabled significant new business opportunities for the company.

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Case Study: K2 Energy

Thanks to turn-key functionality for complete quality control and data security, Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES is ideally suited for highly-regulated industries. For K2 Energy, implementing the system has not only provided these benefits but also helped drive the company from a small business start-up to a leading supplier of energy storage systems. 

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Case Study: Norautron Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Learn why Norautron looked for an MES solution that could assist with meeting regulatory requirements for traceability and process control. Also, learn which key features and benefits were part of the company’s selection criteria and how FactoryLogix MES flexibly adapts to any manufacturing environment with little to no need for costly customization.

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Case Study: Sparton Corporation

In this case study learn why Sparton’s internal drive to be a world-class manufacturing operation drove them to implement FactoryLogix as an MES solution. Discover how using a big data analytics approach has allowed Sparton to provide customers with the most effective and efficient approach to regulatory compliance.

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Caso Práctico: TBP Electronics

Este Caso Práctico explora el camino que TBP Electronics — líder en contratos de facturación en los Países Bajos — tomó para llegar a su excepcional nivel de integración de sistemas MES en su fábrica. En primer lugar, se explican los requisitos de negocio 4.0 la Industria impulsada por TBP que llevaron a buscar un software común para toda la fábrica, su enfoque de selección, puntos de vista sobre la implementación, los resultados obtenidos de la implementación y los beneficios de negocio del proyecto.

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Case Study: Cirtronics

As part of the company’s commitment to lean manufacturing, Cirtronics recently furthered their use of the Aegis application when they decided to have all build instructions for the shop floor personnel delivered electronically. Combined with Aegis’ powerful data collection and analysis tools, Cirtronics has gained a real-time view of their manufacturing performance—allowing them to reduce the response time to manufacturing issues, thus improving the quality of their products.

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Case Study: Enercon Technologies

Enercon, a Maine-based contract manufacturer, recognized that a single-source, realtime paperless documentation system would sig- nificantly improve their manufacturing execution. Accordingly they turned to Aegis Software, whose MOS product offered the industry-leading solution to the functionality they sought. This case study looks at Enercon’s background and requirements, and how these were fulfilled by Aegis’ MOS in terms of its features and its implementation across Enercon’s enterprise.

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Case Study: QPL Corporation

Quality Production Ltd (QPL) is an EMS provider specializing in turnkey manufacturing of high mix, high complexity and extremely reliable products for the military, avionics, industrial, medical and energy management markets. Read how the Aegis software integrated solution has solved all of the problems created by their earlier paper-based manufacturing system.

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Case Study: EPE Corporation

EPE Corporation, a New England Defense and high-reliability EMS provider, leverages their Aegis MOS system to outperform tier-one EMS companies. Factory-wide monitoring, traceability, reporting, quality management and materials control no longer require expensive and highly customized software systems.

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