Case Study: ADEX Electronique

Read in this Case Study about ADEX Electronique's challenges leading them to select the right MES solution, and how they are now achieving Industry 4.0 benefits, with FactoryLogix.

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Microboard Processing factory
Case Study: Microboard Processing, Inc.

With a modern and intuitive user interface designed to run on today’s tablets and touchscreen displays, FactoryLogix® accommodates users of all skill levels, guiding them through operations in one simple interface.

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Connor Solutions
Case Study: Connor Solutions

The implementation of Aegis’ FactoryLogix Software, has enabled significant new business opportunities for the company.

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Norautron worker in factory
Case Study: Norautron Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Ever increasing customer requirements and market regulations for mission-critical products is the most important reasons why Norautron found their home-grown system no longer adequate.

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TBP Electronics worker using FactoryLogix
Case Study: TBP Electronics

Aegis Software provides the digital framework that enables TBP to drive toward Industry 4.0 and “The Business of Perfection”.

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Cirtronics team reviewing FactoryLogix reports
Case Study: Cirtronics

Cirtronics improves productivity, reduces errors and eliminates waste by shortening the time to complete a key business process from hours to a matter of minutes.

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factory image blurred
Case Study: EPE

By implementing Aegis' MES, EPE now has world-class visibility and control without having the endless software customization and report development costs typical of other commercial MES systems.

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Sparton workers using FactoryLogix
Case Study: Sparton Corporation

As today’s regulatory requirements evolve, and customer demands for greater traceability follow suit, Sparton now has an easily-configurable system in place to quickly respond to these changes.

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K2 Energy industrial battery image
Case Study: K2 Energy

As manufacturers in the A&D space prepare their factories to comply with new industry regulations, quality control will remain paramount, as will the ability to adapt to technological innovation. Implementing an advanced MES solves control and flexibility challenges as well as enforces regulatory compliance.

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