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ROI Calculator: Quantifying the MES Performance Kick

Find out your potential return on MES with this ROI calculator developed in collaboration with Aberdeen Group. Also, once you have filled out the form you will be able to leverage the calculator to do some "what-if" analysis simulations.

What Can a Manufacturing Execution System Achieve for Your Business?

Research shows a distinct edge for businesses that adopt Manufacturing Execution Systems. Among the quantifiable benefits of MES are revenue uplift and cost reductions, including labor cost savings, lower raw material costs, and reduced equipment costs.

Use this helpful ROI Calculator and receive a FREE, personalized report that outlines:

  • Your potential revenue growth and cost reduction achieved through MES adoption.
  • The five-year cumulative economic impact of MES on your business.
  • Multiple KPIs that are significantly enhanced through the MES Edge.
  • The distinct advantages of Aegis’ comprehensive, modular and agile approach to manufacturing operations.

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