Smart Factory Workbook
Workbook: Quantifying Smart Factory IQ

This workbook details the areas of the factory that contribute to Smart advantages—and which areas hold factories back. Follow along as you make your own IQ calculations, and ultimately determine whether your Smart Factory is ready for manufacturing's evolution.

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Break the Mold
Breaking the mold: tech’s role in next-gen manufacturing

Manufacturers looking to break away from the pack must ensure their teams are fully equipped with the right tools to elevate productivity and agility and meet the demands of a new generation of manufacturing. This whitepaper covers today's manufacturing complexities, the effect of the skills shortage, the "power applet" impact on manufacturing and the connected worker, and what it really looks like in action.

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Future of Industrial Work

LNS Research’s Transformational Blueprint provides manufacturing leaders with a template for executing workforce initiatives that win the war for talent. It reveals best practices across people, processes, and technology.

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The Power Applet Approach & The Connected Worker

See how you can leverage a "power applet" approach fueled by a robust business logic fabric, a proven IIoT engine, and a vast contextualized data model to visually create your own routes, analytics and completely customizable front-line worker interfaces---all drag-and-drop—no scripting, no coding, no developing data models. Stay ahead of the game and unlock new possibilities for your factory.

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person on mountain
Reaching the Digital Summit

To reach the digital summit, organizations must apply a strategic, trailblazing approach that is underpinned by a solid digital foundation. This infographic explores the drivers behind IIoT investment and identifies key mile markers on the journey to digital dominance.

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The Role of MES for CO2 Emission and Sustainability

This webinar available on-demand clarifies the meaning of sustainability from multiple perspectives, setting into context the crucial role that a modern MES solution plays.

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pacing the path
Pacing the Path to Digitalization

This whitepaper will explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the ever-changing manufacturing industry, and reveals how organizations should embrace digitalization in order to stay ahead of the curve in the years to come.

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gartner quadrant
2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for MES

Aegis Software Recognized as a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for MES. This report identifies the eighteen providers in the marketplace and evaluates them based on a uniform set of criteria. View complimentary report today!

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Surf Quality Wave
Surfing the Quality Wave

In this digital transformation era, there are many opportunities to improve. Don't be left in the dark ages - embrace digital transformation and take a holistic, data-driven approach to quality management.

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