Feb 19, 2019

Aegis To Show Unique Standards-Based Digital MES Solution At The Global Industrie Smart Industries show In Lyon

European companies are failing to meet expectations for the realization of Industry 4.0 manufacturing, in terms of both agility and productivity, which actually has been reported to be declining. Aegis software introduces critical, standards-based IIoT and digital MES technologies to the industry, that create the foundation, framework and execution of fully visible, manageable and controllable factory operations in line with the true requirements of Industry 4.0.

Time is running out for European companies to respond to opportunities that volatility in the global market in terms of geographical manufacturing incentives represent. The goal is to create digital manufacturing “best practices”, that include all forms of discrete assembly production, together with the unique challenges of electronics; being flexible to meet daily demand changes, yet retaining the ability to optimize the operation in real-time; and to create a clear business case for local manufacturing without unnecessary re-investment and a steep learning curve.

Aegis software presents the FactoryLogix digital manufacturing platform, featuring a rich set of digitally advanced MES, product modelling, quality and supply-chain 4.0 tools, all designed to provide live digital management of the entire production flow. FactoryLogix is the first MES solution to support the revolutionary IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) IIoT standard, that uniquely provides plug and play IIoT connectivity for all machines, processes and systems on the shop-floor, critical for cost-effective and sustainable Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix helps achieve digital “best practices” throughout every aspect of manufacturing.

Aegis invites industry executives to visit our stand 4H64BIS in the Smart Industries show under the Global Industrie show umbrella taking place in Lyon from the 5th to the 8th of March.

If you have any new or ongoing digital manufacturing projects, you need to be aware of the opportunities that Aegis FactoryLogix, together with the new CFX standard, offer today, seeing values that are, as yet, impractical and unsustainable with other MES/IIoT software.

Please visit http://www.aiscorp.com and www.ipc-cfx.org

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Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
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