What is MES System? Part #2

In this segment of the 3-part series, we will take a more detailed look into the deeper levels of MES, discussing other areas within the factory that MES manages, that enable the final production flow to work smoothly and effectively.

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APEX 2019: The Official Launch of CFX

For the last two years, Aegis has taken on the role of help coordinating the IPC’s Connected Factory Exchange Standard (CFX), which, as of January 2019, has been unanimously approved by the IPC CFX committee.

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balance scale -cost versus quality
Redefining the Cost-Quality Relationship with Holistic MES + QMS

Today’s discrete manufacturers are under pressure to meet two often-opposing objectives: delight customers with high-quality products, and continually reduce operational costs while doing it.

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Digital Traceability
The Importance Of Digital Traceability In Manufacturing

Traceability, in this new age of digital manufacturing, has never been so inexpensive, and with the recently increasing ingress of counterfeit materials, never more important.

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What is MES
What is an MES System? Part #1

Eliminating paper in manufacturing, also known as the Smart Factory or Industry 4.0, is just the first step of the digital revolution.

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Artificial Intelligence
Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence In Industrial Operations

By now, we are all familiar with the concept of Industry 4.0, a popular business model that enables manufacturers to become faster, more efficient, and more flexible to respond to inevitable market changes.

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Inventory Warehouse
Lean Materials Management – WMS and MES

In this blog post, we cover highlights from a recent webinar with Aegis Software and Vecna Robotics: Breaking Down Islands for Lean Manufacturing. Read on to find out how leading manufacturers are creating a truly adaptive and totally visible factory with AGV, MES and WMS together with lean manufacturing concepts.

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Digital Lock
Software or Ransomware? MES Evaluation to go Digital

Many software systems in use in manufacturing today are holding the business to ransom. Well-meaning, mainly internally developed software utilities, have established a critical dependency on themselves.

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assembly line with dashboards on monitors and mobile devices
Shaping Your Industry 4.0 IIoT Journey

In this blog post we’ll cover four potential starting points to jump start your efforts. Keep in mind that each of these key elements of digital innovation—IIoT connectivity, smart applications, and advanced analytics—will eventually play a critical role in your factory.

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