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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing. Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford was a panelist on the Global SMT & Packaging panel debate that discussed the current status of companies transitioning to a Smart Factory concept.

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Fractional Materials & High-Mix Manufacturing

In this I-Connect007 article, Fractional Materials & High-Mix Manufacturing, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the powerful impact that a modern MES can have on tackling the complexities of material management.

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smart factory
Contextualisation: The Art of Data Science

In The Manufacturer article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford Software discusses how data can be processed and contextualized using algorithms specifically made for the Smart Factory.

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IQ Test
How Smart Are You?

In this I-Connect007 article, How Smart Are You?, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses how manufacturers can assess the artificial intelligence quotient (AIQ) of their factory(ies).

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Jargon-Free Blockchain for Manufacturing

In this i4.0 Today article, Jargon-Free Blockchain for Manufacturing, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford takes a pragmatic look, from the perspective of Smart manufacturing, about what blockchain has to offer, and what values it can bring.

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Make the Most of MES

In this ASSEMBLY Magazine article, Make the Most of MES, senior editor Jim Camillo discusses how MES is a must-have tool for manufacturers in the age of Industry 4.0. Aegis Software Corporation's Bob Miklosey cites "complete automation control, real-time visibility, gathering of real-time data and improved product quality as some of the main benefits manufacturers receive from MES."

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smart factory
Smart Factory Insights: CFX IIoT Open-Source Hardware

In this SMT 007 article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford provides details on a current industry initiative to create open-source hardware that addresses the challenge of older legacy machines where the native support of CFX may be economically/technically impossible.

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Connecting the Digital Thread

Connecting the Digital Thread. As the move to smarter factories accelerates, the need for managing and optimizing interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together increases. I-Connect007's Nolan Johnson speaks with Aegis Software Corporation's CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Spera, on the critical role that contextualization plays in leveraging this data.

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Jason Spera
Aegis Releases Several Updates to FactoryLogix

Watch this new Global SMT & Packaging video interview with Aegis Software Corporation's CEO and Co-Founder Jason Spera as he discusses the latest innovations in our FactoryLogix manufacturing operations platform and the powerful benefits that it can deliver to global manufacturers.

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