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Justin Worden and Jason Spera
Justin Worden speaks to Jason Spera from Aegis at IPC Apex EXPO 2024 in Anaheim, USA.

WNIE (What's New in Electronics) speaks with Aegis Software Corporation's CEO, Jason Spera, where he talks about our newest innovations, customer success, and how our technology and partnerships are helping manufacturers stay ahead of the game.

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Jason Spera
IPC APEX EXPO 2024: Aegis Software Partners With Arch Systems

Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Software, discusses the company's collaboration with Arch Systems to develop the Aria X2 Bridge, a tool designed to boost continuous improvement.

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Factorylogix Now On Saas Platform and new partnership with Arch Systems

In this Global SMT & Packaging interview, Aegis Software Corporation's CEO, Jason Spera discusses our synergistic partnership with Arch Systems and the introductory launch of ARIA™ [Automated Real-time Improvement Accelerator].ARIA is an unprecedented AI solution expertly designed to guide and empower manufacturers with insightful actions and seamlessly implement those actions through FactoryLogix® directly on the shop floor.

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Up Close With Jason Spera, CEO Aegis Software

EMSNOW discusses APEX with Jason Spera, CEO Aegis Software in this information-packed interview about the exciting developments at this dynamic company. Jason reflects on the past 27 years since he founded the CAD/CAM tool focusing transforming design data into a useful shop floor MES. He explains their next generation solution which will enable an even more robust cycle-counting capability to ensure accuracy in materials management, an area that has gotten a lot of attention lately. He also talks about Aegis’ SaaS solution, which will be demonstrated at APEX; the benefits of the new partnership with Arch Systems, and much more.

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The Power of Traceability: The Ultimate Shield Against Product Recall Risks

In this article, Aegis Software Corporation's Deb Geiger discusses how manufacturers can fortify their operations, minimize recall risks, and ensure absolute regulatory compliance.

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Robotic assembly arm and computer monitor
Up Close With Michael Ford, Sr Director Emerging Industry Strategy Aegis Software

Want to know what manufacturers look for in their MES system? In this EMSNOW video interview, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses the key factors manufacturers consider when choosing an MES system.

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Revving up for a Smart Future

In this EMSNOW article, Revving up for a Smart Future, Aegis Software Corporation's Deb Geiger discuss the pressures on today’s manufacturers and how key factory digitalization drivers are shaping digital transformation in 2024 and beyond.

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Productronica 2023 - FactoryLogix Updates

At Productronica 2023, Aegis showed how FactoryLogix is "Easy on the outside, Smart on the inside", and introduced more Sustainability through Aegis' supported Energy Management solution.

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Phil Stoten and Jason Spera
Unraveling the Future of EMS Trends

In this EMSNOW video interview Phil Stoten speaks with Aegis Software Corporation's Jason Spera. Listen now as they delve into the future of EMS efficiency, AI, and digital transformation. Discover how these trends are shaping the future of the industry!

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