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Obsolete Materials – Waste Not, Want Not

A successful supply-chain depends on smoothness and consistency. Any “knock” in confidence or quirk in the demand pattern can have very significant consequences. Read this latest EMSNOW article by Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford to learn what measures can be taken to preserve the potential value of materials.

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smart factory
Manufacturing 4.0 Made Possible

In this podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses with Jason Spera, CEO for Aegis Software how to make Manufacturing 4.0 a reality in your company. Listen Now!

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Smart Factory
How Smart Are You?

In this The Manufacturer article, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford discusses how to assess your factory's IQ. Read now to learn how!

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robots in factory
Making Manufacturing More Productive

Jason Spera, Co-Founder and CEO of Aegis Software discusses making manufacturing more productive on this Robotics & Automation News podcast.

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Bill of Materials
The Bill Comes Due: BOMs and the Digital Twin

I-Connect007 Interview with Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford. Conversation explored current state of BOM creation, maintenance, and transfer, as well as the role BOMs play in product development and product life cycle.

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Global SMT
Manufacturing Data Exchange vs. Privacy

In this Global SMT & Packaging article, Manufacturing Data Exchange vs. Privacy, Aegis Software Corporation's Michael Ford, discusses the ever-increasing data challenges, why they are holding back the adoption of digital manufacturing, and how you can overcome these challenges.

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Women and Manufacturing
Enhancing Manufacturing Productivity through Software

On this Women and Manufacturing podcast, Deb Geiger discusses how the right software can help your company with regulatory compliance, greatly minimize the impact of a recall, enable a high level of personalization for the demands of your customers, and greatly enhance workforce productivity.

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Robotics & Automation News
Automation Must Include a Quality-Driven Mindset

Jason Spera discusses why manufacturers should take a holistic look at how quality management fits into their wider manufacturing operations, including automation.

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Manufacturing Tomorrow
Next-Gen Technologies to Navigate Key Shifts in Industrial Manufacturing

The multitude of challenges that manufacturers face today is accelerating the need to adapt process innovation, embrace technology, and digitalize operations.

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