mouse in maze
How Manufacturers Are Transforming Through Times of Change to Find Success

This infographic explores how the mouse (manufacturer) moves through the maze (today’s manufacturing landscape) to get to the cheese (success, driven by transformation and innovation).

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climbing ladder
Manufacturing Performance Benchmark

To overcome today’s challenges and meet goals and milestones for the future, organizations must operate at the highest level of performance. But unfortunately, not every company is a high performer. Is yours? In this infographic storybook, we take a look at today’s biggest manufacturing challenges and how “Best-in-Class” organizations turn those challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Customer Testimonials
FactoryLogix: Delivering Tangible Factory Digitalization & Industry 4.0 Benefits

But don’t just take our word for it. Download this infographic to see what our customers are saying about how FactoryLogix improves speed, control, and visibility throughout their entire enterprise.

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Upward trend bar chart with smart factories on top
From Manufacturing Digitalization to Industrial Transformation

Insights from LNS Research indicate that IX leaders are set apart not only by their level of technology, but by their business-focused approach to solution selection and change. In this infographic, we break down how IX leaders dominate smart manufacturing, and how you can benchmark your success in manufacturing digitalization.

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Better Together

The Synergistic Role of MES and ERP in Modern Manufacturing Success. Harness best-of-breed MES and ERP together to thrive in today’s connected manufacturing landscape.

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Industry 4.0 Journey
Industry 4.0 One Step at a Time

For the best chance at lasting IIoT success, today’s manufacturers must approach Industry 4.0 as a strategic mindset—not an end goal—then systematically begin to establish core Industry 4.0 capabilities in their factory environments.

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Data Driven Manufacturing
Modern Manufacturing, Driven by Data

In this infographic, insights highlight the power of data-driven insights to drive performance in a modern manufacturing environment.

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Manufacturing Operations Edge
Aberdeen: Manufacturing Operations Edge Storybook

The key MES/MOM practices that give best-in-class manufacturers a performance edge.

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Cost & Quality
A Win-Win Strategy for Cost & Quality

Best-in-Class Manufacturers are taking a holistic approach to create a win-win situation for their operations and their customers—an approach that’s powered by the winning combination of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with Quality Management modules.

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