Manufacturing Process Execution

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Manufacturing process execution systems allow you to consolidate factory shop-floor functions for simplicity, efficiency, and cost savings, including paperless instruction, routing control, quality, full traceability and process verification, through a configurable interface.

manufacturing execution system work instruction screen
manufacturing execution system work instruction screen

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Interactive & Contextual Work Instructions

Leveraging the easy-to-use interface, the system elegantly guides the operator through their build process, enforcing capture of the required steps, and providing evidence of the work performed as part of the unit’s build history.

With full use of multi-media made so simple, FactoryLogix paperless instructions represent the Best Practice in the industry.

manufacturing execution interactive work instructions
manufacturing execution interactive work instructions

End-to-End Change Control & Visibility

FactoryLogix intelligently manages linked relationships in real-time between BOMs (bill of materials), DHRs (device history records), CADs (computer-aided design), documentation, assembly instructions, product history, test plans, and any changes or quality issues. Revisions and updates are automatically reflected throughout operations as they happenAll resultant changes that occur are tracked and recorded. 

factorylogix manufacturing execution system revision control
factorylogix manufacturing execution system revision control

Advanced Quality Management 

FactoryLogix enables intelligent mapping of defects back to detailed elements of the product design for continuous improvement, with information gathered intelligently though automated interfaces as well as simple graphics and suggestion-driven configurable interfaces.  

As units are scanned into a rework station, the product image includes clear indicators where rework needs to be performed. Operators conduct their work, clear any non-conformances interacting with the system step by stepEverythinis tracked, recorded and controlled, delivering superior product reliability.

quality tracking with Aegis
quality tracking with Aegis' manufacturing execution system

Dynamic Tracking 

FactoryLogix digitally tracks every production unit factory-wide in real-time. Whether your products are batch or serialized units, routes are enforcedguiding units in and out of stations, and through rework loops where applicable.   

Routing adapts to line-down conditions by rerouting automatically to alternate parallel processes, and ensures successful product pack-out operations, taking care of the control activities that would normally consume a great deal of overhead. 

Track & Enforce screen that is part of our manufacturing execution system
Track & Enforce

Easily Ensure Right Job, Right Person & Right Information 

With just a single scan, shop floor operators have all the information they need in order to work effectively, efficiently and in conformance with requirements. The operator’s specifically configured interface is directly appropriate to their job, which can be as simple or as rich as needed  

FactoryLogix automatically assures that the right operator, with the right certifications, has the exact right tooling / chemicals / materials / documentation. 

guided work instruction image in our manufacturing execution system
Easy & Efficient

Quickly Adapt to Any Manufacturing Assembly Process 

System level and configure-to-order (CTO) assemblies require control and evidence of sub-assembly content and their accessory complement. FactoryLogix easily adapts to assemblies with varying part content and enforces sub-assembly installation and replacement with rich validation checks.

The result is complete product genealogy of all assemblies, including historical genealogy to uncover issues with suspect sub-assembly units. 

every product unique on manufacturing assembly line
every product unique on assembly line

Visibility & Monitoring for Optimal Performance

The FactoryLogix Active Rules Engine is a powerful workflow platform that provides extensive and easy-to-use capabilities to manage, enforce, and monitor processes, notifications and alerts to streamline and optimize your operations.  

Events based on factors such as anticipated material shortages, tooling usage, quality conditions etc. can be configured to automatically detect critical events, and trigger a response before a serious situation develops. These alarms take the form of automated line stoppages, alert messages, logged events, emails, and even programmed actions. 

Animation showing how FactoryLogix manufacturing execution system includes alerts & escalations
Alerts & Escalations

FactoryLogix Manufacturing Process Execution

FactoryLogix Manufacturing Process Execution

With the selection and implementation of the proper Manufacturing Execution System, supervisors can monitor and control shop floor activities better, making informed decisions on the spot.

Achieve Next-Level Manufacturing Process Execution  

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