System Customization

One Size Does Not Fit All. Your MES, Your Way.

Flexible platform with software customization to meet your needs

FactoryLogix is a fully mature, robust platform that meets many factories’ MES needs with ‘out of the box’ functionality. But should your requirements evolve outside of the current solution capabilities, our Custom Engineering Services Division can help to extend the existing Aegis system functionality or to integrate FactoryLogix to other business systems in your enterprise.

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Our software customization services




A Different, Better Approach

Our customization services provide an extra value-add in helping you solve critical challenges and to produce specifically tailored capabilities for your business. Our development team is ready to customize FactoryLogix according to the agreed-upon specifications or preferences. Aegis Software takes a unique approach when it comes to customizations. We develop customizations in such a way that you can easily upgrade to the latest version and have zero compatibility issues.

Vertical & Horizontal Integrations

We understand that you may own a diverse set of systems and hardware based on the varying needs of your company. You may have added new technology to complement your existing systems to meet the changing needs of your business. But at one point in time, the cumulative collection of systems created a siloed environment which may lead to inefficiencies in your processes with a lack of compatibility issues. We also understand that you may not be ready to remove some of those systems. FactoryLogix' elegant, open and standards-based architecture provides the right platform to ensure you have the proper vertical and horizontal integration you need to eliminate redundancies and provide smooth communication flows for streamlining processes.

The Path to a Modern & Innovative Platform

Aegis offers a variety of services to assist you with migrating data to support your varied data management strategies and needs. By combining these services with FactoryLogix, we are able to migrate competitor or legacy systems data over to the FactoryLogix platform to ensure a seamless transition and a quicker path to a modern solution and demonstrable benefits.

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

IIoT-Based, Zero-Code MES Platform Enabling Operational Excellence Around the Globe.

The software customization process

Aegis leverages a simple but effective system customization process to ensure that our customer's goals through software customization are realized in a timely and accurate fashion. It is also important to note that Aegis typically develops custom projects in our main code base, meaning that they are often forward-compatible through a given platform lifecycle. 

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