Training & Certification

Accelerate Your Success with Individualized Learning

MES certification focused on delivering immediate value for your business

Aegis understands that a system deployment can only be successful if the end users have a deep understanding of how to properly use the software. Gain the expertise and know-how you need to get more out of FactoryLogix faster with our FactoryLogix University manufacturing execution system (MES) software training and certification programs.

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Our FactoryLogix University programs



Direct Immersion Experience

Who better to train users on Aegis software than Aegis trainers? Our highly-qualified training staff are available to deliver our courses at your facility, at one of our corporate training centers, or over the internet.  In all cases, the instructor will administer and grade the certification exams throughout the sessions and at the end of the course. Utilizing our direct staff allows for customization of the curriculum and flexibility of course hours while providing plenty of opportunities for interaction and questions.

Acquire Knowledge at Your Own Pace

For customers who want to learn FactoryLogix at their own pace, Aegis offers self-service courses accessible via the Support Gateway. Customers under a valid service maintenance contract may self-register and take courses as often as they like.

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

IIoT-Based, Zero-Code MES Platform Enabling Operational Excellence Around the Globe.

Key components contributing to effective training

The FactoryLogix University program provides a comprehensive offering of instructor-led and self-guided manufacturing execution system certification courses and tutorials that:

  • Objectively measure how well the trainee learned the system (exams).
  • Enable users to focus on content areas directly applicable to their job functions.
  • Provide options for users to proceed through the manufacturing execution system courses at their own pace.
  • Keep users up-to-date with the latest features and functions as the product evolves.
  • Give Managers and Stakeholders assurances that their investment in Aegis software is being maximized.