Beast to Beauty
Transforming Analytics to Drive Business Forward Towards Industry 4.0

In this whitepaper, we will take a look at how to turn a “beast” of analytics into a “beauty” that drives business forward. We’ll explore manufacturing’s current analytics-related challenges and reveal what steps to take to ensure your analytics are future-ready today.

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Manufacturing Intelligence
Manufacturing Intelligence: Transform Factory Data into Actionable Insights

Best-in-Class companies are realizing the benefits of investing in centralized platforms, real-time data, greater visibility, and rich analytics that enable them to gain control over their manufacturing processes. This Aberdeen whitepaper details the business advantages that Best-in-Class manufacturers experience as a result of key data management and analytics capabilities that provide data-driven insights—and reveals how organizations can become Best-In-Class companies themselves.

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MES Business Case
Building Your MES Business Case

If you are in the process of choosing an MES solution or in the midst of an MES implementation, this whitepaper has insights for you. This whitepaper will explore clear steps and insights to help you build a business case that will win buy-in and prepare your project for success.

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climbing up blocks
Building Resilience & Agility in Manufacturing

In this insightful whitepaper, Aberdeen discusses how manufacturers are working through the COVID-19 recovery process, and the instrumental role innovative solutions play in enabling greater business success.

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Analytics that matter
Analytics that Matter

Analytics are the heart of any Industrial Transformation (IX) program. But without clean and calculated contextual data, it can be difficult to find success. This LNS Research report explores how to put analytics at the center of your IX efforts and details ways to build a successful analytics program.

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Augmented Reality
Best-in-Class Manufacturers See the Value of AR

Download this Aberdeen Group whitepaper to see how Augmented Reality is revolutionizing manufacturing operations and why best-in-class manufacturers have already embraced AR.

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Connectivity to Context
From Connectivity to Context

For many manufacturers, factory data is marked by a lack of connectivity, standardization, and context. Research indicates that a lack of contextualization stands between manufacturers' IIoT initiatives and the transformative value they desire. In this whitepaper, we explore how manufacturers can contextualize their factory’s data to break through stagnant data lakes and drive meaningful action.

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medical device manufacturing
Quality Management in the Medical Device Industry

In this whitepaper, Aberdeen Research discusses how increased collaboration and a holistic view of products empower medical device companies to optimize quality management.

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smart factory
IDC Technology Spotlight

In this whitepaper, IDC Research highlights how manufacturers can support their business processes through an integrated approach to information management on the factory floor.

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