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Our software platform is always evolving with new features, functions, enhancements and modules, based largely on input from our customers.

Customers are entitled to new platforms, minor versions, and all hotfix/patch releases as part of their annual maintenance contract – free of charge.

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Our migration & upgrade service offerings



System Platform Migrations

Aegis released the FactoryLogix platform in late 2013 as a complete re-write of our flagship MES system.   FLx merges state-of-the-art technology with the knowledge and experience from more than 20 years of development and over 2100 global installations, to deliver a solution that redefines the very concept of MES.

Although a portion of our existing customer base has migrated to FactoryLogix, Aegis still has some factories running on our Version 7 FUSION / CircuitCAM / CheckPoint platform. Aegis' Services offers migration paths and packages for those customers, tailored based on size and scope of their existing system usage.

Continuous Delivery Release Model 

As of 2020, Aegis has adopted a continuous delivery product release model. Every eight weeks Aegis will release an updated version with new features, system enhancements, and fixes.  Each release will be accompanied by release notes, updated product documentation, a free informative webinar, and refreshed training content.  Aegis’ goal is to ensure that customers always have the option of adopting the latest and greatest evolutions to our platform. 

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

IIoT-Based, Zero-Code MES Platform Enabling Operational Excellence Around the Globe.

MES Upgrade packages

Aegis offers migration and upgrade service packages designed to get customers up and running with the latest software quickly and effectively while minimizing disruption to their production environments.

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