System Deployment

Reach Your Business Goals and Get Maximum Benefit from Your System

It's more than just technology

We know that no two MES deployments are alike. Our customers have different processes, different business goals, and different financial and human resources available to invest in system deployment packages. We have developed offering models that can cater to your specific set of needs.

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Assurance & Speed: A collaborative approach tailored to your objectives




Flexible Hosting Models

Aegis Software offers flexible deployment models to meet your unique requirements. We offer On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud models to give you maximum control over your infrastructure.

  • On-Premise:  Physically located at your site or in a hosting location of your choice.
  • Cloud: All data and configuration is held in the cloud and can reside with a cloud provider of your choice such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Offers a mix of an on-premise private cloud and public cloud services that can offer flexibility with critical real-time components and data hosted in the private cloud, with less critical capabilities hosted in a public cloud.

With You Every Step of the Way

Our project management team has successfully managed projects of varying sizes around the globe. Our methodology and holistic approach ensure a tightly executed project that is delivered on time and within budget. We are with you every step of the way, rolling up our sleeves and getting right into it. Aegis' project management team brings accountability and visibility to the deployment project by the following methods:

  • An onsite kickoff and planning event.
  • Weekly status calls and deployment reports.
  • Project milestones and detailed tasks tracked in an online collaborative management tool.
  • Onsite deployment audits.
  • Maintaining communication with customer executives and stakeholders as well as project team (known as our 3-tiered engagement model).
  • Formal project gate review meetings.
  • An onsite system acceptance event.

Realize Benefits in Record Time

Whether it is a large or small project our approach to your project doesn't change. We know that your operations are critical and getting the right solution with quickest time-to-value is imperative. We work collaboratively with you and your team to fully understand your unique environment and the best path forward for maximum success. Whether it is a 5-day, 5-week or 5-month project, we do not leave anything to chance. Our personnel diligently strive to reduce deployment time with an approach that includes:

  • Onsite system installation, commissioning, and pilot to show tangible results in first month of the project.
  • Hands-on training workshops that not only train users, but result in completion of upfront system configuration work.
  • Shop floor presence during pilots and go-lives to provide rapid support and supplemental training.
  • A system outputs session that produces usable reports and dashboards.
FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

FactoryLogix: The Adaptive Framework

IIoT-Based, Zero-Code MES Platform Enabling Operational Excellence Around the Globe.

System Deployment Packages

System deployment and MES implementation delivering proven results for maximum return on your investment.

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