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October 2017

Aegis 2018 User Group Meetings

Aegis 2018 User Group Meetings-EN

We recently held an Aegis Software user group meeting, the first one to take place in the UK.  It may seem a little “old-fashioned” to have a face-to-face meeting these days, but even in this world of increasing digitalization, the values of the face to face communication persist.

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Driving a Digital Transformation with MES – Three Things to Consider

Driving a Digital Transformation with MES – Three Things to Consider - EN

At Atrenne Integrated Solutions, customers include some major Aerospace and Defense companies, requiring the utmost quality control and production efficiency. On the factory floor, an integrated MES system provides a form of “manufacturing intelligence” to drive Digital Transformation. Operators use Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES for real-time visibility into production, allowing them to streamline processes and ensure quality.

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SMT-AI Show Rosemont & CFX Update

SMT-AI Show Rosemont & CFX Update -en

SMTAI Rosemont seemed a fair bit busier this year as compared to the previous two years. A lot of technology going on, much of it now in the digital domain as interest in Smart, digital  factories and even a hint of Industry 4.0 moves forward. IPC meetings, were especially well attended, a focus of the combined know-how from leaders in the industry to form consensus based standards for the benefit of us all. 

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