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Driving a Digital Transformation with MES – Three Things to Consider

Driving a Digital Transformation with MES – Three Things to Consider - EN

By Chuck Eggers | Director of Quality and Manufacturing at AbelConn Electronics, a division of Atrenne Integrated Solutions

At Atrenne Integrated Solutions, customers include some major Aerospace and Defense companies, requiring the utmost quality control and production efficiency. On the factory floor, an integrated MES system provides a form of “manufacturing intelligence” to drive Digital Transformation. Operators use Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES for real-time visibility into production, allowing them to streamline processes and ensure quality.

Even just 5 or 10 years ago, manufacturers stood to benefit from choosing a single, strategic business database and using it for 10+ years. Now, with today’s ever-evolving data requirements (largely driven by industry regulations) it’s critical that we “check in on” our data platform choices far more frequently.

At Atrenne Integrated Solutions, we review our technologies often to ensure that they enable the latest digital innovations to support the changing needs of our customers. The Atrenne culture values customer-focused improvement while identifying and eliminating negatives, and abolishing waste with real-time problem resolution. Implementing an MES in our factories allows us to drive a digital transformation, resulting in improved productivity, actionable insights, and better business agility.

Improved Productivity
Since the build process is being monitored constantly, operators are immediately alerted of issues when they happen, allowing them to halt production and reduce the number of materials that need to be scrapped or reworked. When building subsequent jobs, the ability to quickly make changes, and implement them for the next build reduces the lag time in a documentation cycle, allowing immediate “next job releases” to the production floor. Both of these examples translate to faster jobs and significantly improved efficiency, allowing us to deliver the best-quality product, and increasing our competitive advantage.

Actionable Insights
Simply collecting data from a single source would be meaningless, but harvesting and analyzing data from multiple software platforms enable us to connect and make sense of “siloed” information. As manufacturers, we are dealing with more data now, from more sources, than ever before.

Since “going digital” with an integrated MES platform, all departments from Engineering to shop floor Production to Management are connected to their personalized form of “manufacturing intelligence” - insights that inform their daily priorities. Shop floor dashboards display configurable reports of critical information, including quality, performance, materials, OEE, alarms, WIP, and predictive job management data.

The result? The entire Atrenne enterprise benefits from more accurate and more efficient processes.

Business Agility
Reaction time to customer demand is everything in today’s world, and as a contract manufacturer, we must have the business agility to respond to changing demands, while still controlling quality and cost. Customers change the priority of their products based on market need, and occasionally need orders sooner than anticipated. With access to a live overview of the plant floor, we can quickly react and make informed decisions, driving the best value for our customers’ time-to-market.

After all, staying competitive nowadays depends on how quickly and efficiently we can turn data into actionable insights. Using an MES platform enables us to reap the benefits of today’s “digital revolution”, and we’re excited to see what’s to come with the next generation of software features. 

Learn more by visiting Atrenne Integrated Solutions.  

Chuck Eggers

Director of Quality & Manufacturing, AbelConn Electronics, division of Atrenne Integrated Solutions

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December 15, 2017

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