Nov 14, 2016

Aegis Launches Partner Distribution to Expedite Massive Enterprise Installations

Aegis Launches Partner Distribution to Expedite Massive Enterprise Installations 

Aegis Asia today announced partnerships with two Value Added Resellers (VARs) - Beijing Corilead Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Maxson Automation Ltd. These partnerships mark the official launch of Aegis’ VAR Program in Asia, a new distribution model that will augment the Company’s direct distribution of FactoryLogix MES solution through leading service, sales and integration partners. Partners such as Corilead Technology and Maxson Automation are necessary to support Aegis’ growing number of large-scale MES deployments across China.

FactoryLogix installations in China are of a scale that often require significant numbers of deployment, training, and integration staff onsite in order to deploy across large numbers of lines across multiple factories. The establishment of reseller or VAR partnerships in Asia provides Aegis augmented staff capacity, to propel large customers from project start to complete go-live as efficiently as possible. 

Corilead is a professional solutions provider for discrete manufacturing based in Beijing, North China, and has a large customer base in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Maxson Automation is based in Guangzhou, China and provides both sales and first-line support services to end users.

Commenting on the partnership, Weiying Lv, General Manager of Corilead Technology said, “More and more manufacturers in China are looking to MES technology as a popular approach to better control and visibility on the shop floor. Corilead is excited to be collaborating with Aegis to bring their FactoryLogix software to facilities that are ready to advance their production processes.”

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