Jul 18, 2007

Aegis and Practical Unite to Offer First Plant Traceability Validation Tool

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Aegis Industrial Software Corporation (Aegis), the leader in manufacturing information management systems, and Practical Components Inc. (Practical), the leading supplier of dummy components, have partnered to offer a new and innovative traceability and control kit designed to validate manufacturing process and provide the potential for rich product and process traceability detail. The kit is the first measurement tool for manufacturers to validate their plants’ traceability and control based on Aegis’ proven methods of rating traceability. The Aegis Traceability and Control Validation Kit will be available for purchase in the new 2007 Practical Components Catalog, which is designed to help engineers quickly find the key products needed to qualify their assembly technology.

“Traceability and process control are no longer requirements reserved for manufacturers in regulatory or specific market segments,” said Bob Miklosey, Aegis VP of Product Management. “Today, manufacturers who aspire to achieve or to maintain ‘world class’ status must deliver some degree of traceability, and until now, there has not existed a common language regarding the nature of traceability or its levels.”

The new Aegis Traceability & Control Validation Kit provides the physical materials and procedural guide to determine a factory’s traceability and control capability and to rate the results in a formalized matrix. These ratings can be used to demonstrate manufacturers’ capabilities, communicate these capabilities to customers or auditors, and provide a starting point for improving capabilities. As the sole solution provider of information systems delivering such scope of control and traceability, Aegis has the unique technical experience to deliver such a kit in conjunction with Practical. Aegis’ methods of rating traceability have been concurrently developed with, and adopted by, many of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Manufacturers can now benefit from Aegis’ years of definition and usage proficiency in factories all over the world, to rate their own systems and processes against a uniformed scale.

“Practical is committed to ensuring that electronic assembly engineers and technicians have information about new and innovative technology and to provide cost-effective components, PCBs, and training kits to improve their process,” said Practical President Kevin Laphen. “Working with Aegis helps us deliver innovative products and to continue to provide the tools our clients need to run their plants better.”

Practical’s free catalog is organized by package type/category with each product accompanied by drawings, description, part number with special attention to lead-free availability, and formulations. Supporting the catalog is the updated website http://www.practicalcomponents.com, with more than 1,250 pages of dummy components, test boards, training and setup kits, component drawings, engineering/design guide data, daisy chain patterns, production tools, training aids, and a complete downloadable catalog.

About Practical Components:
Practical Components is the worlds leading supplier of dummy components, which are exact mechanical equivalents of live components, used when only the physical properties of the components are required. These components can cost as much as 80% less than live components making the ideal for testing of solder processes, machine setup and other process evaluations. The new publication provides a detailed offering of Practical Components’ full line of dummy components, test boards, training kits, production tools and training materials. Visit our website at http://www.practicalcomponents.com

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