Dec 06, 2012

Aegis Brings Paperless Product Flow and Materials Tracking to Analytic Systems

Analytic Systems is an innovative Canadian designer and manufacturer of high performance power conversion products; these include converters, chargers, inverters and power supplies. The company has recently purchased an Aegis Software package comprising iView, iTrack, iQ and iMonitor.

Analytic Systems is highly qualified for the Military, Commercial Marine, Rail & Transit, Oil & Gas and other similarly rugged applications sectors it supplies. They are Quality Certified to ISO9001:2008 as well as to the elevated AS91000 Standard. With this background, they selected Aegis software to improve product flow, while providing raw materials tracking to AS9100 as demanded by their military customers. The Aegis software fulfils these requirements, giving them a paperless production floor with full traceability.

Analytic Systems saw some very specific benefits in purchasing Aegis software. “The Aegis implementation will complement our lean enterprise, giving us comprehensive tracking of materials with validation and control in all our work centers on the floor” commented Paul Bowler, VP Operations.

The Aegis software installation covers five of Analytic Systems’ manufacturing cells, from the surface mount process, directly integrating with Mydata MY100 pick and place machines, to the card test, box build and final assembly operations. At each manufacturing point, scanning the unit barcode delivers highly visible electronic work instructions for that step, along with operator validation to ensure the work is performed to the correct revision. During final system build, scanning of each sub-assembly validates units have no defects while enabling full genealogy and traceability of each power system shipped.

Aegis’ support of Analytic Systems’ team with implementation and training has been delivered on schedule, and in Analytic Systems’ view proved highly beneficial during their changeover to their new, paperless manufacturing environment.

Analytic Systems is a $10 Million company with approximately 70 staff. They have assembled an Analytic Systems Aegis Team to ensure they fully exploit the opportunities for flexible control, tracking and quality reporting offered by the Aegis solution for manufacturing. Other plans include expansion of the Aegis environment into their mechanical shop and R&D area, and integration with their SAGE ERP system to optimize the data flow and materials management on the shop floor.

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