Sep 28, 2007

Aegis Confirms European Commitment with New Headquarters and Director

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK – Aegis Software (Europe) Ltd. (Aegis), the leader in manufacturing information management systems, has recently appointed Daniel Walls as its new European Managing Director and moved its Europe Headquarters to Buckinghamshire, UK due to its reaffirmed long-term commitment to the European Electronic Manufacturing Industry.

The new Aegis Europe Headquarters, situated near the town centre of High Wycombe, contains an enlarged training center and a new sophisticated video conferencing system. The enlarged training center allows customers greater flexibility in scheduling and attending local trainings while the state-of-the-art multipoint video conferencing system has been deployed to improve communications with customers and between regional offices. The new facility also includes a single global IP phone system enabling easier call control and routing to remote personnel, regional offices and improved conferencing.

Aegis also appointed Daniel Walls as its new European Managing Director. Originally employed at its North American headquarters by its founding members; Mr. Walls has handled a diverse array of responsibilities and has been a vital contributing member to Aegis’ successful growth and development since its inception. Since 1997, Mr. Walls joined Aegis as its first full-time Controller and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Walls has also served as a Regional Sales Manager, helped create Aegis’ North American West Coast Operations in Irvine, California and created and managed Aegis’ Services Division which has won seven consecutive customer service awards.

“Aegis sees Europe as a very important manufacturing market,” said Jason Spera, Aegis CEO. “Our new Europe Headquarters, along with appointing Mr. Walls as the new European Managing Director confirms our commitment and ensures manufacturers in Europe the same high level of customer service and quality products already in use all around the world.”

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