Nov 26, 2014

Aegis FactoryLogix Software to Facilitate Raven Aerostar’s Volume Production

Aegis software will be helping to bring the Internet to new areas of the world. Our customer Raven Aerostar is a world leading designer and manufacturer of aerospace technologies including high-altitude balloons. Google is working with Raven in Project Loon, where networks of balloons are intended to deliver wireless broadband internet to millions of users in otherwise inaccessible locations.

Assembling the base balloon units is a highly intensive and large area manual assembly process. Currently, overall process control comprises a variety of manual data collection points; data is compiled after various processes complete, and actionable data is not available in real time. While this has been adequate for ramping up, Raven Aerostar’s management recognizes that paper-based instructions and manual data collection will be insufficient for the anticipated level of volume production.

Accordingly, Raven Aerostar is investing in an Aegis FactoryLogix MOS system designed to facilitate large-scale production. Files and data bases not providing real-time, actionable data for continuous process improvement will be reduced or eliminated. Test and defect collection will be handled electronically through Aegis’ browser and used to provide real-time alerts to Raven management. Revision-controlled manufacturing assembly instructions will be delivered in an intelligent paperless documentation environment. Routing sequences – including repair and rework - through inspection and test and on to packaging and shipment preparation will be electronically enforced. Aegis’ standard chart & report templates and real-time dashboards will provide visibility to key performance indicators.

For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
Phone: +1 215.773.3571 x 1106
Email: [email protected]