Jul 05, 2005

Aegis Industrial Software Gives QCMI a Competitive Advantage

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Aegis Industrial Software Corporation, the leader in Manufacturing Information Management Systems has been selected by Quality Concepts Manufacturing, Inc. (QCMI), a fast rising player in the mid-size EMS field, to provide software aimed at giving QCMI a competitive edge in fast turnaround contract manufacturing. QCMI principal Bill Ostrowski states that the Aegis products eliminate the paperwork and programming time, allowing his company to be more competitive in bids for small volume, high mix, fast turnaround OEM projects.

Ostrowski, said, "OEMs with short run, high mix product needs are finding it is not profitable to shift to offshore manufacturing. We have to be adaptive to this and the Aegis software allows us to market to these smaller companies profitably."

"It takes the same amount of effort to start up a high volume project as a low volume one. Assembly documentation and creation and assembly programming once required heavy technician involvement. Aegis software does it all for us, allowing us to turn projects quickly without using up all of our support to get them set up and processed. This saves a huge amount of time and money while ensuring consistent, high quality in production."

"Aegis CircuitCAM and CheckPoint programs speed the process of transforming incoming customer data into machine programs and documents to turn boards quicker. Streamlining overall company operations eliminates- duplicated efforts, improves product throughput and improves turn-around time to our customers," Ostrowski added.

About Quality Concepts Manufacturing, Inc.
QCMI is a contract manufacturing company headquartered in Colorado Springs, Co. The company specializes in electronics and electro-mechanical assembly for a wide range of industrial, commercial and medical OEMs. The company was established in 1988.

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