Apr 20, 2005

Aegis Integrates with KIC Thermal Process Management Systems

SMT Hybrid Packaging, Nuremberg – Aegis Industrial Software, a leader in manufacturing information management systems for global electronics assemblers, has announced CAMx integration to KIC’s 24/7 thermal process management system, vital technology for lead-free process control. KIC is a global leader of thermal process development and control products, and a winner of multiple VISION awards.

The KIC 24/7 continuous process monitoring system provides actual process data in real time from reflow and curing ovens. The system records the temperature profile for each individual part along with all pertinent process data such as peak temperature, time above liquidous, soak time etc. Additionally, the process data’s ‘fit’ to the established process window is established using the objective and mathematical Process Window Index (PWI) concept. The KIC 24/7 will instantly warn on an out-of-control situation, as well as alarm on any ‘out-of-specification’ situation.

The KIC 24/7 acts as a data acquisition unit that feeds the Aegis Information Management system via an xLink CAMx adaptor giving users access to the hard-to-get process data for their thermal process. This Aegis/ KIC communication delivers significant added-value, providing customers with real-time process data for better shop-floor and factory-office decision making as it relates to quality, productivity and traceability.

Commenting on the partnership Jason Spera, CEO at Aegis, said, “Full access to KIC’s 24/7 thermal process management system provides our users with continuous real-time process monitoring and automated SPC, traceability and documentation. By importing and analyzing KIC temperature data we uniquely provide engineers with a 100% reflow scenario, presenting the oven data as well as the board experience data in real-time.”
“Customers are demanding complete process traceability, and thermal process management delivers all the information required to address this stringent requirement while continually improving manufacturing processes and overall product quality,” Jason added.

“The reflow process and its control is extremely sophisticated,” said Björn Dahle, president of KIC. “Data is the only way in which to define and maintain stability and many manufacturers, particularly in lead-free environments with tight process windows, require high-impact process change. This means replacing daily or weekly thermal checks with continuous, real-time thermal process monitoring. KIC systems automatically optimize and monitor the process for zero-defect production,” commented Björn.

About KIC
Founded in 1978, KIC is the source for thermal process quality and productivity systems. Dedicated to continually rethinking its products, KIC has driven the advance of thermal process technology. KIC products help manufacturers increase yields while reducing defect rates and costs. The resulting improvements in productivity allow users to maintain a competitive advantage.

Since 2000, KIC has released a completely new line of next-generation thermal process optimization and management systems to automate all phases of the thermal process. The SlimKIC 2000 profiler, KIC Navigator oven recipe search engine and the KIC Auto-Focus “profile-less” oven setup software. The KIC 24/7 automated continuous process monitor eliminate time-consuming and error-prone periodic profiles while increasing productivity and quality and provides full thermal process traceability. The sophisticated software incorporated into every KIC product includes the quality-enhancing benefits of production traceability, paperless documentation, and SPC charting. As a core competency, KIC’s in-house expertise in software development for thermal processes has been crucial factor in the company’s dramatic growth to thousands of systems in use worldwide. For more information visit www.kicthermal.com.

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