Apr 10, 2012

New Italian Language Website: A Valuable Resource for Customers

Buckinghamshire, UK – Aegis Europe has launched a new Italian language version of their website, reinforcing their commitment to Italy and its position as one of Europe’s largest economies. The Italian market comprises a mix of OEMs and CEMs; the CEMs include a large number of small to mid-sized enterprises. Aegis Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS) offers all of these manufacturers a range of benefits, due both to its technology and the way in which it is made available for purchase.

CEMs are facing increasing pressure from their customers to provide traceability, quality control and process monitoring. Since the Aegis MOS system is modular, CEMs can make small investments with Aegis to  meet these growing demands efficiently and cost-effectively. For example, they can select the MOS Fusion Analytics module to configure their own monitoring strategy in terms of forward and reverse traceability, real-time dashboards, reports, alarms, visualizations, SPC data and other information. They can set up their entire strategy without needing IT expertise.

Users can also automate their NPI projects with iLaunch, which can generate operator documentation and machine programs from BOMs and CAD files. Overall, many options exist for configuring the MOS system to efficiently meet each OEM’s and CEM’s exact requirements.

Irrespective of the configuration they choose, users can now deploy Aegis’ recently-announced inForce Process Terminals at strategic points throughout their factory. These full-color touchscreen consoles are smaller and simpler than PCs, yet offer operators windows onto their production process, providing control, traceability and production data wherever it’s needed.

The Aegis toolset offers attractive solutions for the Italian marketplace. “Italy is a key market for Aegis Europe’s expansion and we continue to see a keen interest from potential customers in our products,” says Aegis Europe MD, Daniel Walls. “The new website should also prove to be a useful resource and give our Italian customers the information they require in their own language, enabling them to make informed decisions when purchasing additional Aegis Software modules and products.”

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