Sep 08, 2005

Aegis Launches New Website for Electronics Manufacturers

CHELTENHAM, UK – 8 September 2005 – Aegis Europe, a leader in Manufacturing Information Management systems for global electronics assemblers, has recently launched a new-look, solutions-based website for electronics manufacturers. The new site delivers industry information in key areas including total traceability, lean manufacturing, preparing the way for 2006 RoHS/WEEE requirements in lead-free compliance and solutions for regulatory conformance.

The rebranded website supports Aegis consultative approach to helping clients and visitors gain both a broad overview of industry needs and Aegis solutions, as well as supplying some detailed ‘drill-down’ information. Business areas include shop-floor materials control, product tracking, data acquisition for SPC, and quality data analysis and reporting through to final integration with total traceability and analytics.

“We have built a cleaner, sharper site that both business leaders and engineers will find informative, covering such topics as ‘The adoption of best practices for high-reliability manufacturing’ and ‘An holistic approach to high-reliability and maximum traceability manufacturing’,” said Peter Clegg, business development director at Aegis Europe. “The positive response with increased ‘hits’ and requests for on-site visits has been truly gratifying.”

“Aegis covers a unique space in the market providing the next level of investment that electronics manufacturers will make to compliment and extend their management systems. While we mix it with ERP/MRP systems, Aegis solutions are implemented for the factory floor and the factory office, providing complete data and process control with maximum visibility for everyone from shop floor to boardroom. A new web site was necessary to highlight the business benefits,” commented Peter.

For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
Phone: +1 215.773.3571 x 1106
Email: [email protected]