May 14, 2014

Aegis MES to Consolidate Komitec’s Stand-Alone Systems into a Uniform Solution

Based in Saxony, Germany, Komitec is a privately-owned EMS provider specialising in development, SMT/THT placement, assembly, test and examination, coating and OEM production. The company produces equipment for telecommunications, health, model train controllers, control lungs, controllers and medical devices.

Komitec’s upgrade to an Aegis MES was based on internal needs and a wish to optimise their production processes while increasing competitiveness. Various complex standalone solutions are to be replaced by a uniform implementation; these range from NPI data preparation to collection and evaluation of quality and traceability data. Safe receipt of goods is to be ensured by correct materials identification in the incoming goods area, unique label generation and integration with an existing system for checking goods in. Materials handling in the electronics area will cover inventory data management as well as commissioning and management of transport orders.

The Aegis MES system is expected to bring more transparency to both quality and throughput aspects of the process, with regular reports and automatic emails of all the recorded data. Live manufacturing data will also be presented in easily visualised formats on the Aegis dashboards. Quality parameters will be automatically monitored, with alarms generated as appropriate. Traceability will be built in to the entire production process, with tracking of products and serial numbers through all process steps. Error data, process parameters and materials used will also be tracked.

Aegis will be integrating their MES with an ERP system; their hardware provision includes an inForce digital process terminal and some scanners.

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