Apr 19, 2012

AEGIS MOS streamlines NPI process and documentation for Badger

Badger Technologies has incorporated Aegis’ MOS Manufacturing Operations Software into their Farmington, NY factory. The Aegis MOS is helping Badger to better fulfil their customer’s needs by streamlining their NPI documentation and machine programming processes, and allowing improved, online access to the documentation.

Badger’s NPI process involves using customer supplied data to create programs for their SMT and AOI equipment, and generate process documentation for their operators. Aegis MOS’s facilities are automating the documentation activity, eliminating the need for manual data entry and bringing several benefits to Badger’s manufacturing. The process for loading, validating and releasing documents for production had multiple manual data entry points. This was time-consuming and prone to human error, and has been eliminated. By contrast, Aegis generates documentation automatically and directly from customer-supplied data, virtually eliminating any chance of data entry errors. It also manages revision control. These features significantly reduce the time taken to prepare a job for production.

Other benefits relate to documentation accessibility and understanding.  Aegis MOS can import and merge a customer’s CAD and BOM files to create a live, working visual aid that can be utilized in any aspect of production. All the documentation generated can easily be accessed from the system, eliminating the time and problems associated with pulling and managing data files. The Badger production team also appreciates how the software delivers a consistent method to control production programs and processes.

Badger Technologies provides its innovative electronics manufacturing services across a broad range of industries including medical device manufacturing, industrial controls, aerospace and defense, transportation equipment, consumer electronics, and testing & measurement equipment. These are all commercially, technically and environmentally demanding applications which call for highly competitive lead times as well as impeccable product quality.

“With all of the process enhancements AEGIS provides, this NPI software reduces the time required to ready a job for build,” comments Chad Notebaert, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Badger Technologies. “These factors will certainly help Badger in our continued goal to provide the highest quality product to our customers in a timeline that exceeds expectation.”

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