Oct 21, 2014

Aegis Recognized by the Department of Defense for Support of Its Soldiers

In Aegis’ view, the level of conflict around the world today reminds us of our debt to our military men and women, and the need to support them to the best of our ability. In fact all employers of staff who are National Guard or reservists in our military can provide support in two very practical ways; by accommodating the absences of our soldiers in the Guard and Reserve while they are away serving our country; and by ensuring that a position awaits their return from a call to active duty. Employers that do this can receive recognition from the Department of Defense in the form of their ‘Patriot Award’.

Aegis recently became a proud recipient of the Award, following a ceremony in Philadelphia. The Award’s spirit is expressed in a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve. Through this instrument, employers recognize the essential role that the Guard and Reserve plays in protecting the strength of our nation and the well-being of our communities, and the commitment shown by the men and women who serve voluntarily. The Statement also cites the need for greater public understanding of the Guard and Reserve’s contribution to national security, and the steps to be taken by the employers in support.

Aegis’ eligibility for the award arose from their employment of two soldiers; Sergeant Michael Badial and Sergeant First Class Matt Conway. Sergeant Badial wanted to express his appreciation for Aegis’ approach to his service, found the Patriot Award program through his commanding officer and nominated Aegis. When the Award was bestowed, Sergeant Badial’s initiative came as a welcome surprise to Aegis’ management.

“In this time of particular unrest in the world, we should all be especially grateful for the service of our military men and women, and certainly do what we can to support them,” commented Jason Spera, CEO at Aegis Software. “While this award was given to Aegis, it’s our soldiers who are deserving of recognition.”

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