Mar 18, 2015

Aegis to Add Consistency, Efficiency and Granularity to K2 Energy’s Manufacturing Process

Based in Henderson, NV, K2 Energy is a leading provider of lithium ion phosphate cells, batteries, and systems. Their operation comprises eight primary production areas, which cover cycling and quarantine as well as production. All have test and inspection facilities. K2 Energy currently has processes for work instructions, tracking and staff administration, but lacks a detailed and granular manufacturing system that meets their customers’ needs.

Using Aegis, K2 Energy intends to set up a more consistent and efficient manufacturing process, then extend this to the factory floor with operator validation, paperless work instructions, WIP tracking, quality reporting, route control and streamlining of the existing operation. They also require real-time and historical quality and manufacturing data to be readily available, together with the granularity essential for a world-class manufacturing facility.

K2 Energy’s overall goal is an integrated process management and factory floor system that meets both internal and end customers’ requirements for genealogy and quality tracking. They aim to implement process, people and product – including product genealogy – tracking; this will provide granularity to complement their ERP system.

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Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
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