Feb 08, 2006

Aegis xLink Monitoring Technology Unites the Machine Vendor

ANAHEIM, CA – APEX 2006, Information visibility and control in electronics assembly once lagged behind the semiconductor industry where data acquisition from every machine is the norm. At APEX 2006, Aegis is honored to stand alongside its 24 machine vendor partners to announce the plug-and-play factory has taken widespread root in electronics assembly. This support for Aegis xLink technology for data acquisition represents an unprecedented cooperation of a software supplier and the machine vendors, for the benefit of the entire industry.

At APEX 2003, Aegis launched its xLink CAMX data transmitter on 7 makes and 16 models of machines. Today, over 22 makes and 88 models of machines are compatible with xLink. This compatibility enables these assembly, process, test, and inspection systems to instantly connect to the factory intranet and transmit their real-time IPC CAMX messages to any software system requiring those events. The data is uniform per the IPC CAMX standard, and acquiring the data is as simple as opening a web browser. The result? Open, consistent, and easily accessible factory-wide information.

Today’s manufacturers have two factory floor information requirements: First, a need to access the valuable data their machines generate about their operations, processes, and products. Secondly, a cost effective, commercial, vendor-independent, and reliable method of accessing this data. The Aegis xLink Transmitter, when embedded on assembly, test, measurement, and inspection equipment, turns these machines into mini-web servers, providing simplified access to their data. This data is standardized to IPC CAMX, making it interpretable to any third party software system requiring it.

xLink is in use all over the world in actual mission-critical production. Three of the world’s top 10 military manufacturers rely upon it. One of the top 10 medical device manufacturers and one of the top 5 EMS providers utilize it. Many more employ it each day to deliver product traceability, monitor processes, and track performance. Integrated machines include product scanners, printers, laser etchers, dispensers, pick and place, ovens, thermal profilers, AOI, AXI, ICT, flying probe, functional testers, and even third-party software systems such as feeder setup systems.

The data provided by xLink supports levels of traceability, process monitoring, and control not yet seen in electronics assembly. Aegis and its partners are pleased to contribute this important step in the evolution of true process control, traceability and monitoring in the electronics assembly industry.

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