Nov 14, 2011

Data I/O and Aegis Partner to Deliver Unprecedented Closed Loop Solution

Data I/O Corporation, the global leader for programming solutions for semiconductor devices, has partnered with Aegis, a leading manufacturing operations software provider, to deliver comprehensive solutions for end unit traceability, process tracking, and quality management. The two industry leaders are combining their expertise, knowledge and experience to help manufacturing companies streamline their production process plus eliminate operator errors, and the risk of having the wrong flash program written to a given device and assembly. 

“This partnership is about two market leaders with proven credentials coming together to deliver integrated and innovative solutions for manufacturing companies,” says Jason Spera, Chief Executive Officer, at Aegis. “Aegis focuses on solving today’s manufacturing productivity problems, while Data I/O focuses on enabling customers to implement their Intellectual Property into programmable devices through automated programming solutions for electronics manufacturing.”

“We are delighted to partner with Aegis and look forward to combining our solution strengths to provide additional value for manufacturing operations,” says Phil Christenson, Director of Marketing at Data I/O. “With Data I/O and Aegis teaming up, manufacturing companies can truly gain the best of both worlds with an integrated solution.”

Today, manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to ensure that the correct data is flashed into their devices to eliminate scrap and rework. Manufacturers need absolute assurance that the correct program for each assembly is loaded by the programming equipment prior to population of the device on the circuit board.

Data I/O and Aegis will deliver solutions that are designed to overcome these challenges. Aegis solutions are targeted at improving productivity through a range of sophisticated functions – data acquisition and visualization, process tracking and control, quality analysis, document management, reporting and material traceability. Additional features including real-time data dashboards and interactive multimedia will enable manufacturers to accelerate operational speed and agility, while maintaining control.

Data I/O helps manufacturers to eliminate operator errors, reduce the risk of recalls, and reduce programming costs through its RoadRunner 3 and PS Series automated programming solutions with Factory Integration Software (FIS).  FIS Track and Remote modules easily interface with external software systems, including Aegis Software.  FIS Track enables automated collection and export of programming results. This supports traceability, reduces the risk of recalls, and enables decision making that minimizes scrap.  FIS Remote provides remote control of programming commands eliminating operator errors related to job selection and downloads, ensuring that the correct data is programmed into the correct device on each line.

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