Aug 14, 2013

Ditek’s Aegis Installation Extended into Product Tracking and Defect Repair

The Diversified Technology Group Inc. (Ditek) is a verified veteran-owned small business that builds products primarily for the commercial sector. The company provides these from both OEM and EMS operations within their Clearwater, Fl. facility. OEM activities center on electrical surge protection products and systems, while the EMS area is typically engaged in producing PCBAs, systems, chassis and wire harnesses.

Aegis Fusion is currently used by Ditek for BOM and CAD import, as well as programming and limited paperless documentation. Ditek is now starting a new project to expand the Aegis installation while increasing its integration with SAP B1 business management software. Product tracking, materials and QC defect collection will be facilitated, while feeding WIP and labor information to the SAP B1 environment.

The project’s primary objective is to extend Aegis into moving the BOM data to SAP B1, then kitting and tracking products on the production floor. WIP progress by cell will be reported back to SAP B1. Ditek will also track the products through inspection steps, record and repair defects, and integrate data from their Mirtec AOI machine into the Aegis system.

The Aegis software will be configured to accommodate the OEM business, which is cyclical in nature. As staff are shifted from one area to another, they will share licenses between operations.

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