Jun 04, 2015

FactoryLogix Brings Agility and Visibility to Exelis’ Low Volume, High Complexity Manufacturing

Exelis, Inc. (Now part of the Harris Corporation) is a defense contractor providing command, control, communications, computers, intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) related products and systems in the United States and internationally. The Columbia, MD facility specializes in low volume highly complex PCBA and system build operations.

Exelis’ recently-purchased FactoryLogix system is primarily intended to track and record serialized units in real time, with QC data being collected throughout the entire PCBA build process. The data thus captured in each step will allow quick access to the results using Analytics, and provision of customer reports if applicable.

The Aegis deployment will focus on the SMT, hand assembly and testing steps within the PCB assembly process. It will also cover the system build area, aiding two operators performing final assembly operations. The software will manage the NPI, BOM and ECAD activities and process revisions, with capability to make quick updates and process changes. As a low volume operation, changes occur frequently and visibility of units in the process together with issue deviations to these units is a key goal.

FactoryLogix’ intelligent paperless documentation system will deliver revision-controlled manufacturing assembly instructions (MAIs) that leverage product ECAD data. The system will also allow input of test and defect collection and repair actions that reference intelligent renderings of PCB ECAD images.

For manual operations, repair steps and their time to completion will be controlled and validated. Automated data collection, including data concerning defective units, will be supported for YESTECH AOI equipment and National Instruments test stands. Specific operations will be subject to operator sign-off confirming their completion. Product travel will be electronically enforced to ensure the correct routing sequence is followed through inspection and test; this includes out-of-route steps such as repair and rework.

Aegis’ standard chart & report templates and real-time dashboards will provide visibility to key performance indicators, without requiring additional product training. Reporting will include WIP metrics, total time required for specific units per work order, estimated time to completion and related operational WIP reports.


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