Sep 30, 2014

FactoryLogix to Encompass Kitting, Manufacturing, NPI, Quality and Analytics for Seprolec

Seprolec is a NW-France-based subcontract manufacturer specializing in producing electronic boards and assemblies in both average and small production runs. Their wide range of customer demands includes high volume taxi metering systems and very high end digital radios built and shipped direct to the end user on a configure to order basis. The company is IPC and EN9100 registered.

Seprolec has ordered a FactoryLogix system that will encompass their warehouse management and kitting, manufacturing, quality, and analytics activities. Ultimately it can also extend to NPI and replace the Excel files, Technomatix and machine vendor software currently used to prepare SMT data. For stock management, the ERP system currently performing kitting is due to be replaced by Aegis; this will optimize the kitting process both within the warehouse and at the production line.

All manufacturing areas will benefit from intelligent paperless documentation containing revision-controlled manufacturing assembly instructions (MAIs) that leverage product ECAD data. WIP tracking and manufacturing execution software enforces product travel, ensuring the proper routing sequence is followed through inspection and test. This includes out-of-route steps such as repair and rework. Lot to reference trace will also be available on the MYDATA lines.

For testing and quality management, FactoryLogix will be used for defect tracking, test and defect collection and electronically–managed repair actions. Seprolec will handle this through the Aegis browser, intelligently using the product ECAD data. Data will also be collected directly from the AOI and test machines. Analysis, reporting and visibility into the process will be facilitated by Aegis’ standard chart & report templates and real-time dashboards. These will bring visibility to key performance indicators, without additional product training.

The FactoryLogix installation will also include Aegis hardware, comprising two inForce digital process terminals/attendants, four Microscan MS-4X-Europe fixed mount scanners and 1 MobCheck-MC 3190 hand held scanner for material scanning.


For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
Phone: +1 215.773.3571 x 1106
Email: [email protected]