Dec 16, 2014

FactoryLogix Integrated MES and Traceability System to Improve SMT’s Internal Processes

SMT is based in Slovenia, within the Euro Zone. As part of the Pick&Place group, SMT specialises in complex electronic systems, especially custom devices, calling for SMT and THT component assembly. With extensive experience in development and manufacturing, SMT offers an end-to-end EMS service comprising design and engineering, supply chain management, assembly and testing.

Internal and customer expectations, especially European automotive industry traceability requirements, motivated SMT’s decision to establish an integrated MES and traceability system using Aegis FactoryLogix. This will cover NPI, the entire production plant, and the warehouse. Currently, only limited quality and traceability data is collected by separate systems for a few process steps; the new system is expected to increase visibility of critical production parameters.

FactoryLogix will simplify the NPI process with easy and fast data import, preparation of machine programs and of BOMs for the ERP system. Quality and throughput performance will become more transparent, as will defect tracking through test and defect data collection. Repair action tracking will be facilitated by use of circuit board ECAD data to display defects. Warehouse management will be enhanced by UID material labels, increased visibility of materials in stock areas, and management of stock areas and material containers.

Correct product travel through inspection and test, including out-of route steps, will be electronically enforced. Aegis chart & report templates and real-time dashboards will give visibility to key performance indicators. Standardized periodic reports will be generated both for internal use and for transmission to customers.

The Aegis FactoryLogix software package will be complemented by custom and standard software for machine interfaces and xLink integrations to related machines and software. Installation, setup and training services will also be provided.

For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
Phone: +1 215.773.3571 x 1106
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