Oct 28, 2014

FactoryLogix’ Single Adaptive MOS Solution for Sparton’s Diverse, Complex Assembly Operations

Sparton Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of complex electronic systems for the medical, aerospace, defense, and industrial markets. Their services include contract design, manufacturing and aftermarket repair of sophisticated printed circuit card assemblies, sub-assemblies, full product assemblies and cable/wire harnesses. They also design, develop and produce engineered components and products for defense and commercial applications.

In 2013 Sparton started investigating manufacturing software solutions for their plant floor operations. After reviewing numerous systems, they selected Aegis FactoryLogix to provide a single adaptive MOS solution for their diverse and complex assembly operations. The intention is to implement FactoryLogix across four sites; Fredrick CO, Watertown SD, Brooksville FL and Deleon Springs FL. Two sites already have Aegis installations, which will be upgraded. The FactoryLogix solution can be implemented in any number of future sites at reasonable cost, as the FactoryLogix Enterprise edition does not limit number of sites deployed, but scales based on concurrent floating user licenses.

The FactoryLogix system is intended to consolidate each site’s multiple systems and databases - currently requiring data entry and reporting - into several core systems. Enterprise visibility will be given to plants, operations and standardized reporting. A single MOS environment will provide product transparency across sites, with a single production operations system and data collection, and reporting across plants. Integration with core systems will allow synchronized data with minimized manual entry. Each product built will have detailed genealogy, traceability and eDHR records.

Integrations will be provided with MS Dynamics for as-built WIP and part consumption, and with Agile for deviation and engineering changes. FactoryLogix will also handle test and defect tracking and collection, and manage repair actions electronically, relying on Aegis’ intelligent rendering of circuit board ECAD images or mechanical data. Electronic data capture will be used with AIO, ICT and Functional Test integrations. For Systems Build, each sub-assembly and as-built configuration will be tracked and recorded.

RMA, Traceability and Regulatory Compliance support will be included, with S/N information being continued into historical DNA and on to RMA. Change history will be maintained from CCA to System level. Dynamic routing per serial number will be provided, as will recording and reporting on RMA materials and labor per unit to MS Dynamics. Manufacturing assembly instructions will be delivered as revision-controlled intelligent paperless documentation that leverages the product’s ECAD or MCAD data.

WIP tracking and Manufacturing Execution will be in place for both PCBA and System Build, while product travel is electronically enforced to ensure the correct routing sequence is followed through inspection and test, including out-of-route steps. Aegis’ standard chart & report templates and real-time dashboards will give visibility to key performance indicators, together with analysis and reporting. Automated reports will be available internally, and to external customers via email.


For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
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