Feb 21, 2014

FactoryLogix to Benefit Liva Energy’s NPI, Logistics, Production and Analytics Processes

Founded in 2012 and located in Bosnia, Liva Energy focuses on high value, high quality products with integrated processes requiring complex production. The facility’s emphasis is on systems builds for the medical, military and automation markets. Liva Energy intends to use their recently-purchased FactoryLogix MES package to benefit their NPI, logistics, production and analytics processes.

The NPI process will be streamlined, eliminating its dependency on Excel and other islands of data while revision control is imposed. In the production area, work instructions will be handled by intelligent paperless documentation; this will include revision-controlled manufacturing assembly instructions that leverage the products’ ECAD data. The WIP Tracking and Manufacturing Execution environment will provide more detailed component traceability, improve reaction time and provide real-time visibility of quality and WIP metrics. Product travel will be electronically enforced, ensuring proper routing through inspection and test; this will include out-of-route steps such as repair and rework.

The quality and test process will include defect tracking that eliminates paper from the defect collection and repair stages. Liva Energy will handle this through the Aegis browser, making intelligent use of their circuit boards’ ECAD images. Analysis, reporting and visibility will be managed using Aegis’ standard chart & report templates and real-time dashboards. Staff will enjoy visibility to key performance indicators without need for additional product training. System consolidation will also provide for all SMT data being collected through Aegis to provide reports and satisfy tracing requirements.

In addition to a set of FactoryLogix NPI, Logistics, Production, and Analytics modules, Aegis will be supplying some inForce digital process terminals and fixed mount scanners. They will also carry out xLink and xTend-based integration effort, along with systems implementation and training.

For additional information contact:

Deb Geiger
VP, Global Marketing
Phone: +1 215.773.3571 x 1106
Email: [email protected]