Sep 13, 2005

FUJI Agreement Paves Way for Seamless Integration with FujiTrax Software

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Aegis Industrial Software Corporation, the leader in Manufacturing Information Management Systems has announced that the company has finalized an agreement with FUJI to share integration protocols to FUJI's FujiTrax software. This partnership enables FujiTrax to seamlessly integrate to the Aegis MES systems for line monitoring, feeder setup and verification, and traceability. Now Aegis can offer FUJI and multivendor customers a singular Total Traceability and MES solution involving FUJI NXT and other FujiTrax-compliant lines.

This is a huge step forward for electronic manufacturers utilizing both FUJI and mixed equipment lines because unlike most competitive systems that offer feeder verification and traceability solutions for FUJI equipment by appending invasive and proprietary systems onto the machines, Aegis is closely cooperating with FUJI through this agreement. In this way, the software and integration elegance of FUJI software and hardware systems is fully leveraged within the Aegis enterprise solution in an elegant, forward-compatible, and FUJI-endorsed manner. Since Aegis software systems are already compatible with the overall machine mix in most manufacturing facilities, this creates the ideal solution for totally seamless factory integration.

Tony Picciola, FUJI Technical Services Manager said, "We see this partnership with AEGIS as the natural advancement of our commitment to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. At FUJI, we continually strive to set industry standards to ensure that what we offer our customers is always on the leading edge of product development. The shared integration protocols between Aegis MES and FujiTrax software provides a total factory solution for our customers that is easy to implement and cost effective."

Jason Spera, Aegis CEO, said, “We are happy to help FUJI customers who often require traceability and manufacturing execution systems in multi-vendor and enterprise applications. This integration agreement makes FUJI lines and software an integral part of Aegis-enabled factories at both the programming level via Flexa and at the MES level via FujiTrax. Aegis integration to FUJI's most current software offerings enables our joint customers to benefit from value and expertise of both FUJI equipment and Aegis’ powerful MES solutions."

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