Apr 19, 2014

L-3: ISS Division to Expand Longstanding Aegis Software Platform into a Modern Multisite MOS

L-3 is a prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions. The company is also a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms. L-3 is a longstanding Aegis customer with an enterprise-wide New Product Introduction software installation. They now intend to expand their Aegis software platform to include their CE, KEO and IOS business units; their objective is to standardize their factory floor processes and procedures. Additionally, improvement of their control, visibility and traceability methods through integration with onsite Deltek Costpoint ERP systems is critical to the corporate project.

From a business perspective, the objective is to achieve a modern software platform and user interface to cover operations from semiconductor, through PCB at a deep level up to final system build. These upgrades are planned for their sites in Pasadena, Cincinnati and Sonoma.

Manufacturing operations are to be improved with records and traceability of process history, product content and full device history. This will include a traceability tree extending from the lowest level assembly to the final product. Route control will be enforced, with diagnostics and management of replaced and defective parts. Field returns and refurbishment will also be managed while maintaining full traceability.

Quality and program management goals include a detailed product quality collection capability and process enforcement down to specific operator actions, with re-confirmation when required.

As well as the Deltek Costpoint system, the Aegis platform will be integrated with other software packages that handle time and attendance, production planning, quality management, and certification and calibration of tools and instruments. Aegis software licensing will cover NPI, shop floor production, SMT line management and logistics. xLink adapters for production and test equipment and functional test stations will also be licensed. Additionally, analytics licenses for report generation, scheduling and drill-down will be provided, along with dashboard licenses for real-time data viewing.


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