Nov 11, 2014

PARMI and Aegis Develop New xLink Machine Adapter

PARMI and Aegis Develop xLink Machine Adapter to Connect SPI Data to FactoryLogix Manufacturing Software in Real-Time


MARLBORO, MA – Nov 12, 2014 – PARMI, a leader in 3-D solder paste inspection (SPI) of printed circuit boards and Aegis Software announce the development of the xLink adapter to enable real-time connectivity of SPI results to Aegis’ FactoryLogix Manufacturing Operations Systems. With real-time data integration, manufacturers can immediately identify SPI defects, and take corrective actions to improve PCB yield.

“PARMI is committed to closing the loop on the PCB manufacturing process to give our partners every competitive advantage,” cites Jeff Mogensen, General Manager of PARMI.  “With the development of xLink, SPI data is transmitted to FactoryLogix systems immediately so that engineers can identify PCB defects sooner and increase manufacturing efficiency,” he adds.  Data collection includes PCB serial number, time stamp and other critical SPI information.

“We are thrilled to partner with PARMI to bring disparate SPI data into a single database that is easily understood,” said Bob Miklosey, Vice President of Product Management at Aegis.  FactoryLogix transforms data streams from machines, testers, inspection systems and other sources into a single, standards-based database for easy system integration. 



PARMI is a leading manufacturer of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) equipment used to improve print quality and yield in SMT production lines. Founded in 1998, the company is known for developing intelligent solutions for SPI, including industry-leading cycle times, laser measurement, software support and solder paste screen printing. For more information, visit


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