Aug 13, 2012

SAIC Expands Aegis Solution Into a Full Manufacturing Track, Trace and Control System

SAIC (now Leidos) is a leading technology integrator serving customers in the US federal government, state, local and global markets. The company provides full life-cycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology markets. At their Columbia MD operation, they manufacture a low volume, high mix of sophisticated products comprising board assemblies, modules and systems. These are progressively processed through three main production cells - Board Assembly, Module Assembly and finally Systems Build.

SAIC, which already has an Aegis iLaunch core system, is starting a project to expand this into a full manufacturing track, trace and control environment. The requirement is to track and trace boards, modules and built systems, achieving process and product traceability for every unit built. As they track the products through the build levels, they want to display the visual aids needed for each operation, collect pass/fail data, and log each unit’s as-built genealogy.

These requirements will be met by developing and maintaining process routings and work instructions for each serialized product built. Routing control will apply to each assembly step. Including out of route steps for repair and tracking of lot information on any replacement unit. BOMs, Work Instructions and work orders on the shop floor will be subject to revision control. Product level detail by person, time and work performed will be provided for all serialized units.

This tightly controlled, information-rich environment will be enabled and enhanced through replacing the current paper-based assembly documentation with electronic work instructions. The same system will also reduce the volume of other paper-based documents; for example manually-recorded information for activities such as defect capture and associated repairs.

The system will also provide a traceable genealogy of assembled systems and their component modules and boards. Additionally, operators and management will benefit from on-line real-time visibility of product status and off-line reporting capability including automated reporting of WIP, units built and other production statistics.

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