Apr 08, 2010

Sanmina-SCI Deploys Aegis Software Globally

APEX 2010, LAS VEGAS, NV  – Aegis Software announces its selection and deployment as the global manufacturing process software for Sanmina-SCI, a leading global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company. While the business agreement for this selection was completed over a year ago, Aegis and Sanmina-SCI chose to wait to make this announcement until the successful deployment of the platform in the majority of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) facilities across Sanmina-SCI’s enterprise. This announcement is tangible evidence that Sanmina-SCI selected the right partner for its global manufacturing software.

Aegis was chosen after a year-long evaluation of competitive software offerings conducted in real-world trials within Sanmina-SCI’s Guadalajara, Mexico facility. This evaluation rated ease of use, reliability, the vendor’s deployment capabilities, and programming capability for Sanmina-SCI’s placement, assembly, process, and inspection equipment vendors and models. Sanmina-SCI determined that Aegis offered the most comprehensive programming and visual documentation support delivered via a proven, easy-to-use interface that would expedite adoption and reduce maintenance and training overhead.

"A manufacturing enterprise of Sanmina-SCI’s scale receives great quantities and varieties of incoming data sets from our customers. World-class service means rapidly transforming that data into a fully prepared process while supporting an incredible range of data and machine types," said Philippe Mathevon, Vice President of Sanmina-SCI’s Enterprise IT Services. "Aegis delivered the simplicity, reliability, and breadth of support we required for a smooth rollout across many of our PCBA facilities. There were no surprise costs or labor overhead traditionally associated with an enterprise software implementation. Aegis has been a great partner and we are pleased with the end result,” added Mr. Mathevon.

"Aegis is honored to have been selected by Sanmina-SCI as their manufacturing software platform. Their collaboration with Aegis during the deployment process is a testament to how professionally Sanmina-SCI approaches critical IT infrastructure," commented Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Software. "In fact, the mutual decision to wait to announce the selection until the deployment was broadly successful shows that Sanmina-SCI is fully aware that many large scale IT system deployments don’t deliver the benefits or deployment efficiency promised. We at Aegis believe in proving our value to our customers and today, we are very pleased that we have delivered what we promised to Sanmina-SCI.”

The Aegis system deployed by Sanmina-SCI expedites new product introduction (NPI) and ECOs. The NPI portion first imports customer CAD and BOM data, cleans errors, and runs comparisons. It then designs the route and creates the machine programs required for the job. The Sanmina-SCI deployment supports program generation for hundreds of unique makes and models of assembly, inspection, and process machines.

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